GRAHAM, Texas — Officials considered requiring carwashes to close one day per week to help the city deal with drought conditions, according to the Graham Leader.

At a recent meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Pam Scott proposed washes to close at least day per week, noted the article, claiming public perception will be affected negatively if the businesses are allowed to operate normally during severe drought.

The town’s water conservation and drought contingency plan requires that during stage four drought conditions, all washes must close unless they receive a variance, stated the article. Former City Manager David Casteel said in the article that all the town’s washes have submitted requests for variances.

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Graham’s Building Official Jason Cottongame showed that many nearby towns require carwashes to use water-saving devices and reclaim equipment, reported the article.

Carwash owner Tom Pierce was also in attendance, shared the article. He argued that closing washes doesn’t help the problem.

The council agreed to allow the businesses to remain open, said the article. However, it decided to save water by refusing permission to irrigate athletic fields with city water.

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