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Ohio rules on ‘essential’ nature of carwashes

CLEVELAND, Ohio — According to, in determining whether Ohio carwashes are considered essential or not, the state has declared that it depends on how these businesses do their jobs.

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Although the Ohio Department of Health provided a list of businesses considered essential, local health departments have different interpretations to the order, and as such, the state created a Dispute Resolution Commission to make a final decision on which businesses can stay open, the article continued.

One of those conflicts included carwashes, the article noted.

The commissions ruled that the Cuyahoga and Summit County Health Departments correctly interpreted the order in declaring carwashes as essential businesses but only under certain circumstances, the article stated.

The follow restrictions would have to be adhered to, the article added:

  • Employees must have no direct interactions with customers.
  • Workers may not hand wash or hand dry vehicles.
  • Employees must be limited only to those needed to operate the business and must maintain social distancing.

Government contractors providing services to first responder vehicles are also deemed essential, provided the employees maintain social distancing and comply with other requirements in the order, according to the article.

The orders apply statewide and are considered final, the article concluded.

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