GAINESVILLE, GA — A company here stated that 85 percent of consumers are now using the Internet to search for local services, according to a press release.

Even so, the Oct. 15 release revealed that, when it comes time to book an appointment, people still primarily book offline. Now, new online services are available that utilize the Internet to help streamline the booking process for small businesses.

A business plan for detailers

An online booking site can act as a standalone web presence that will allow customers to book appointments on the Internet with just a few clicks. No back and forth communication is needed because the site will only display the available times.

For smaller businesses that cannot afford a receptionist, the live synchronization of an electronic calendar online can be an attractive option, and it provides reception, web presence, reminders and marketing functionalities.

Accurate scheduling

Businesses claim their specific web address with a site, and some services offer a 30-day free trial.

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