CHICAGO — Two carwash owners spoke with The Daily Illini to respond to safety allegations made by a recent report on carwashes here.

The Oct. 4 story quoted Rob Bubb, manager of Triple T Car Wash & Lube in Champaign. He noted that Triple T holds safety meetings at least two times a year, and personal protective equipment is handed out to all employees.

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“We take (safety violations) very seriously. We provide MSDS (material safety data sheets), we comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements, and we train our people very, very diligently with regard to safety in the work environment,” he said in the story.

Derrick Winfield, owner of Above and Beyond Auto Detailing in Urbana, said the study does not have much effect on his business because his employees wear gloves and safety glasses.

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The safety glasses are worn when employees buff cars, and employees are told to use gloves and an apron when cleaning up spilled food or bio-hazard materials inside vehicles.

There are no specific OSHA regulations that Above and Beyond has to follow because the business is small. Even so, there is a first-aid kit on-site, and Winfield also makes sure his employees wash their hands after using chemicals and visiting the restroom.

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