WAYNE, NJ — Robert Burke, the owner of Wayne Auto Spa, will receive $270,000 in settlements from two court cases against the township, and he can finally install a controversial wind turbine, according to NorthJersey.com.

The Oct. 16 story stated that Burke was awarded $220,000 as part of a settlement that will end a lengthy federal court battle over the wind turbine. This follows the $50,000 won in a separate but related suit that arose after the city denied Burke access to public documents.

USDA recognizes SD carwash

“The only statement I’m allowed to make is that I’m satisfied with the settlement,” Burke said in the story. Mayor Christopher Vergano and the township’s attorney declined to comment.

Burke first proposed building a 120-foot wind turbine in 2007, but neighbors and the owner of a proposed day-care center complained due to fears of noise and the dangers of broken blades and falling ice. An amended proposal included a 50-foot turbine that did not need local variance.

Chickens and carwashing

“First I worked on renewable energy through the recycling, then sustainability with the turbine, and now I'm looking to get more people involved with the garden and chicken coop I've put on the property,” Burke said in the story.

Now, Burke said he will concentrate on “building community.” He noted in the story that donations for the produce and eggs raised in the garden and chicken coop will be matched by Castrol Oil and distributed to local organizations.

Next up Burke wants to create of a non-profit organization, Garden State Grow, which will help municipalities build vegetable gardens.

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