SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE ― The owner of Lightning Car Wash was able to lock a would-be burglar inside of one of his carwash bays, abc9 reported.

The Jan. 30 story said Rob Beller recognized the burglar on his security footage because the same man attempted to rob the carwash three weeks earlier.

Beller's wife Amanda said in the story, "This is the bay where he pulled in both the first time, the original time with the attempt, and then the second time when we realized who was here and shut the power down," said Amanda Beller. "I was completely impressed with his cool thinking because you're so angry about someone trying to rob you and he had the wherewithal to just shut down the power and contain the guy and call the police."

Elderly couple thwarts carwash gunmen

After the police showed, the man claimed he was innocent, but he was still arrested.

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