NORTHVILLE, MI — Sammy Alnasir, manager of Northville City Car Wash, a detail shop and full service carwash center, says he is all about customer service, the NorthvillePatch reported.

The Dec. 22 story quoted Alnasir who stated, "We are nuts about customer service! We truly understand that without the customer, we do not exist. We have state of the art equipment. We are keeping up with the times. Your eighth carwash is always free. Thirty percent added to the purchase of a gift card and wash card."

The wash is a soft cloth tunnel and is the only carwash within a 20-mile radius.

Alnasir said in the story one of their most popular services is the "Winter Snow/Ice Buster" which offers high pressure fresh water that traces your car and removes snow, ice, and salt.

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