The Paint Research Association (PRA) has released its research supporting commercial carwashing over hand washing, an automotive design story reported.

The Nov. 5 story stated that with its unique mitter technology a commercial carwash is "the kindest to your paintwork, causing no measurable abrasion."

PRA conducted 15 months worth of testing to see if the "myth" — in which commercial carwashes can damage a car — is true. 

The report found that hand-washing your car was the most damaging to paint work recording the highest scratch count, thus turning the 'hand-wash is better' myth on its head.

During the testing, different Ford Fiestas were given different carwashing treatments. "The findings concluded that IMO's mitter technology offered the kindest wash of all, thanks to its ability to remove dirt and contaminants from the vehicle's paint work without any measurable abrasion. Having no detrimental effect to the body work, the mitters easily outperformed commercial hand-washing, which proved the most abrasive with the highest scratch count of any other method," the report stated.

To read the full report, click here.