A partnership worth talking about: Mark VII and WashTec

A partnership worth talking about: Mark VII and WashTec

Have you ever wondered how Mark VII and WashTec came to be partners? Mark VII’s CEO answers all your questions.

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Whether you’re thinking about getting into the carwash business or upgrading your wash, selecting the right industry partner is essential. Should you go with a global firm or a local company? You get the best of both worlds with Mark VII.

“Mark VII is the North America subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, the world leader in the carwash industry,” says Lee Norton, CEO of Mark VII. “We have a fantastic relationship with WashTec and our approach is always local.”

Based in Arvada, Colorado, Mark VII has served carwash owners for more than 50 years. The company’s roots date back to 1966, when an entrepreneur named Harry Matthews created a business named “A-CO” to distribute self-serve carwash equipment in Colorado.1 “I still meet with Harry regularly and invite him to company events,” Norton says.

After WashTec acquired Mark VII in 2006, a whole new world of options opened up to Mark VII customers. “We can tap into a wide range of carwash experience and innovation, thanks to WashTec’s global research and development,” Norton says.

This doesn’t mean solutions that work in Europe apply directly to the North American market, he adds. Customers in Germany, for example, tend to prefer longer, more detailed carwashes, while American customers want faster carwashes. Mark VII tailors its solutions to the local market.

“We can transfer knowledge, select the best ideas that work well in other markets, and adapt them to fit our customers’ needs,” Norton says.

Mark VII’s relationship with WashTec gives the company priority buying power globally, since the business buys in volume. “This helps Mark VII provide the latest technology at competitive prices,” Norton says.

Expanding with tunnel washes2

Support from WashTec is helping Mark VII grow in the fast-growing market segment of tunnel washes.

“When people ask about our experience, we can assure them we’re not a rookie,” Norton says. “Our company has been in this business for years and is bringing this knowledge to customers in the North American market.”

These customers include Gordon Love, who owns Luv-A-Wash in Naples, Florida. Norton has visited Love at his business, which has installed a Mark VII Softline1 tunnel wash.3 “I like to visit our customers’ locations, especially when they install new Mark VII equipment,” Norton says.

The Softline tunnel washes are built in America, along with Mark VII’s other carwash equipment. “Our management team is local, too,” adds Norton, who invites customers to tour the Mark VII factory in Arvada.

Every customer counts

As Mark VII continues to grow, being part of a global company like WashTec helps Mark VII recruit top talent. “We can give you the opportunity to grow your career globally,” Norton says.

Whether you’re seeking a job or a partner you can trust in the car wash business, take a look at Mark VII and WashTec.4 “Every customer counts,” Norton says.






Lee Norton is the CEO of Mark VII and provides insights to the company’s partnership with WashTec.

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