PC&D Unscripted 44: Champion Xpress’ new CEO, GO Car Wash partnership

PC&D Unscripted 44: Champion Xpress’ new CEO, GO Car Wash partnership

Michael Murry, CEO, and Trey Merchant, co-owner, of Champion Xpress Car Wash join us to discuss some recent news.

In this PC&D Unscripted interview, Michael Murry, CEO, and Trey Merchant, co-owner of Champion Xpress Car Wash, join Associate Publisher – Editorial Rich DiPaolo to discuss some recent news, including the exclusive partnership with GO Car Wash.

Merchant states, “We felt like both 7B and GO Car Wash were a great fit simply because of the people, the vision that both companies have, and the character from that GO team we feel like matched our team really well.”

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