PC&D Unscripted 51: Cheetah Clean Auto Wash Planning for Mega Site

PC&D Unscripted 51: Cheetah Clean Auto Wash Planning for Mega Site

Jeff Fields, owner, president and CEO of Cheetah Clean Auto Wash, discusses the company’s newest, largest and most tech-savvy site yet.

In this Unscripted interview, we welcome Jeff Fields, owner, president and CEO of Cheetah Clean Auto Wash, to discuss the anticipation and planning of the company’s newest, largest and most technologically-advanced site yet.

Fields explains how the planning for the new site is going and what’s next for the company.

He says, “We wanted to bring this mega site to our portfolio, and it took a while to find the right site, but luckily it was in the stars for us that the location was available, because it is hard to find a great site of that size that’s economical [and] that’s in the right area for you. But, we found it and we’re looking forward to getting the project moving.” 

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