Payroll Tax in 2022 (PC&D Unscripted ep. 73)

PC&D Unscripted ep. 73: Payroll Tax in 2022

The director of tax with Red Rock Tax & Consulting provides insights and predictions into the current U.S. tax climate.

In this edition of PC&D’s video interview series, Host Rich DiPaolo welcomes back Dave Haupt, the director of tax with Red Rock Tax & Consulting.

Dave joins us back on Unscripted to discuss what business owners, and specifically carwash owners/operators, need to know about their payroll in 2022. Dave begins by explaining what payroll tax changes have been implemented in recent years and gives some example situations carwash operators and attendants may see.

For insights on various tax forms, ownership payroll and future trend predictions, tune in to the educational conversation above.

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