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PC&D visits NCS’s new College of Clean

GRIMES, Iowa — Last week, our staff members traveled to Grimes, Iowa, for an exclusive look at the company’s new training center and course for new investors.

GRIMES, Iowa — With proper education and marketplace awareness, new investors and operators can benefit greatly from the professional carwashing business.

And, while the industry is ripe with consultants and trainers, there are only a few options in the market that are as unique as National Carwash Solutions’ new College of Clean program.

According to NCS, these classroom and hands-on training courses are designed to give attendees a comprehensive education and thorough understanding of the best path to carwash success.

Students are offered interactive learning, which takes place at the company’s custom training facility and headquarters, centering around operational equipment ranging from full tunnels to rollovers.

Courses include: Car Wash Cleaning Solutions, New Investor Workshop, Tunnel Equipment Maintenance & Repair, Rollover Equipment & Maintenance Repair, and Car Wash Management.

“The feedback so far for the College of Clean has been very, very positive,” noted David Miller, senior vice president of marketing and product development, during our visit. “We have here — on-site — every single major platform that [our company] produces under all its brands as well as a wet/dry cleaning fluids laboratory that allows us to create a unique training environment. Our philosophy is that we want to have you in class and also downstairs, rolling up your sleeves working on the equipment, taking it apart and experiencing it firsthand.”

In addition to a tour of the facility and a special interview with Miller, NCS cordially invited PC&D’s team to attend the New Investor Workshop, which was moderated by Vic Monteleone, who is the company’s strategic accounts manager; John Agnew, president of Breeze Thru Car Wash; and Michael Ford, managing director of Coast Commercial Credit.

“This workshop, which we are excited to offer, will help you investigate the potential of starting a carwash,” said Monteleone. “We will provide you with the tools needed to start the framework of a business plan and investigate equipment first-hand.”

Monteleone also reiterated NCS’s mission and commitment to new investors: “Leading the vehicle care industry by always putting customer service, innovation and performance first.”

The topics discussed at the one-day New Investor Workshop included: developing a business plan; an industry overview; the role of an industry advisor; site selection and layout; an equipment overview; building layout; site development – project plan; operations; and financing.

For more information on the College of Clean and scheduled course dates, please visit https://www.nationalcarwashsolutions.com/college-of-clean/.

The PC&D team was also given a private tour of NCS’s 250,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant and warehouse.

Below are some photos we took during our visit. Thank you to the entire NCS team for meeting with us last week and especially to our host, Laura Edgmond, NCS’s associate brand manager.

On May 16th, NCS welcomes the PC&D team to its headquarters in Grimes, Iowa.

NCS is comprised of three leading carwash brands.

Our team was provided with a unique opportunity to attend the College of Clean’s New Investor Workshop.

Class leader Monteleone offers an industry overview.

Edgmond (left) and Miller (right) discussed the company’s mission and goals for the new College of Clean with the PC&D team.

Edgmond (left) gives our staff members a closer look at NCS’s training center.

Attendees, including new investors/operators, are offered a unique perspective of basic equipment to achieve a higher understanding of critical components.

In addition to being a vital part of the training center, this fully functioning carwash equipment is also a nice perk for NCS employees.

The training center features a broad scope of NCS’s branded equipment.

A welder sets the groundwork for equipment made in the USA.

From metal fabrication to equipment wiring, workers ensure quality and accuracy of product performance.

A worker is seen here at the chemical fill station.

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