DE PERE, WI ― PDQ Manufacturing Inc. announced in a press release it has launched the new in-bay automatic system, the ProTouch® ICON, and the new SwingAir® dryer system.

The ProTouch ICON features a three-brush gantry-style system, Gen 5 Intelligent brush control and the SwingAir® Oscillating Dryer System. SwingAir®, which was unveiled during The Carwash Show™, is available as a stand-alone application or can be retrofitted to PDQ wash systems.

Gerry Hanrahan, senior vice president of sales for PDQ, stated in the press release, “At PDQ, we are focused on providing wash operators with the best available equipment on the market. The SwingAir is another example of PDQ's ability to continually bring new products to the industry and provide the in-bay automatic operators with the best possible products to satisfy their customers.”