STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — With a busy schedule in mind, Taylor Mitcham, a mining engineering major in Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Science, came up with the idea of Simple Car Wash, a waterless car-cleaning service, according to a news release featured on

More than a year after her initial plan, Mitcham graduated from Penn State and launched her concept as a business, hired five employees and researched waterless car cleaning solutions to incorporate within her business, stated the release.

“I went to 20 different manufacturers and ordered 20 different samples of this type of cleaning solution,” said Mitcham in the release. “I used all of them on my car, and all but two started to freeze in the colder State College weather. So out of those two, I picked the one I liked the best and ordered a full bottle.”

The biodegradable liquid lifts the dirt from the surface of the vehicle and then the Simple Car Wash’s “wash engineers” wipe away the residue with a cloth, reported the release, with no need for rinsing or drying.

With business growing, Mitcham recently revamped the Simple Car Wash website and started to use a barcode scanning app to keep track of customers — who schedule an appointment online and then a wash engineer will come to their desired location and wash their vehicles, informed the release.

Mitcham is also currently developing an app that combines the barcode scanning and customer scheduling, noted the release.

You can find the release here.