DESOTO, TX — A self-serve dog wash opened here, and it provides all the tools and supplies needed to bathe and clean dogs, Focus Daily News reported.

The Oct. 31 story stated that Barks and Bubbles has washtubs of various sizes, blow dryers, aprons, shampoos, brushes and post-bath scents available.

Pet wash, carwash and donut shop opens in IL

“Dog owners are extremely fond of their canine pets, but keeping them clean is a constant battle,” said Bruce Williams, co-owner of Barks and Bubbles. “My wife, Lois, and I felt there needed to be a place where they could bring their dogs to be washed.”

Williams noted that owners can now wash their dogs without bending over a bath tub or wrestling with a hose in the yard. Also, when the pet wash is done, the owners will not have to clean up the mess.

Pet wash denied by city

A local dog owner said he responded to an email sent to him by a friend and brought his dog in to be washed. He said in the story he will definitely be a repeat customer.

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