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Pet wash sees spike in business

MASON CITY, Iowa — Laundro-Mutt DIY offers multiple wash options, including scent control, flea/tick and conditioner, as well as a blow dry.


MASON CITY, Iowa — Last May, Greg Hodak opened up a pet wash on 12th Street Northeast in Mason City, according to Globe Gazette.

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Laundro-Mutt DIY is the only pet wash of its kind in the city, stated the article.

“A lot of people don’t know what to expect,” said Hodak in the article. “It’s not just a sink with some towels.”

The business offers multiple wash options, reported the article, including scent control, flea/tick and conditioner, as well as a blow dry.

The pet wash, which is manufactured by carwash companies, accepts coins, cash and credit cards, continued the article, and costs $8 for 10 minutes.

This spring, added the article, Hodak has noted an influx in business, with five to 20 four-legged customers per week.

Hodak has a 3-year-old dog named Josey, informed the article, who will climb up on the washing table in search for a treat or for a photo but does not like getting a bath.


“I had come up with the idea after I had taken him ice-fishing,” stated Hodak in the article. “I turned around and he was rolling in the fish so he got all fish smelling, and it was wintertime.”

Hodak drove 10 miles to visit a pet wash location, continued the article.

“I heard there was one in Clear Lake, and we drove over there, 10 miles there and 10 miles back,” recalled Hodak in the article. “I thought, ‘If Clear Lake has one, we’re four times the size with probably four times the dogs and all that, why don’t we have one?’”


He and his wife decided to open up a pet wash in a nearby dog park which had a small white building available for rent, stated the article.

Hodak renovated the building to add room for the wash and opened Laundro-Mutt 24/7 for “cleaning emergencies,” noted the article.

“I just thought it was kind of neat to have a new little business in town,” said Hodak in the article. “It’s mostly for dogs, but if someone wanted to bring their cat down here, they could — or their husband.”

You can find the article here.

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