ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — Understanding the finer points of paint protection film (PPF) can be complicated but it is important for a detailer, according to a Detailed Image blog.

There are many quality films on the market, the blog notes, and the “self-healing” properties that are advertised really work. The newer films all provide good results, except ones that are known to be of lesser quality, and sold in less reputable places, the blog notes.

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For a film to be effective, it has to be well maintained, states the blog. “Regardless of the film, the key is to properly maintain it by carefully washing and drying, as well as regularly sealing with a wax, sealant or even a paint coating." 

The step after choosing the film, is figuring out what type of protection to install, notes the blog. “Full front end includes the application to the entire hood, fenders, front bumper and mirrors. The partial includes the full front bumper and mirrors,” but only part of the hood and fender, states the blog. The full front offers better protection, and is what the detailer recommends.

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