JENNINGS COUNTY, Ind. — According to, after months of searching, police finally arrested Dana Bailey, the “carwash bandit,” who has been accused of stealing thousands of dollars from carwashes across multiple states.

Police found Bailey after getting a tip that he was in his mother’s home, the article continued, and he was taken to the Morgan County Jail on several charges.

Bailey used a fishing line and laminated bills to trick payment machines into giving him money, the article noted.

Police identified Bailey as the suspect in March using surveillance footage, the article added, and a search of his home at the time turned up evidence connecting him to the burglaries in addition to maps and atlases.

Bob Bingham, owner of two of the Mooresville, Indiana locations that Bailey is accused of robbing, said that he’s glad the authorities finally caught him, the article stated.

“The video is pretty solid documentation. I’ve got a very good video system, and so when everything matches up — prosecutors will make the right determination,” Bingham said.

Bailey once worked for a company that fixes gaming machines, the article noted, so he was able to get past some high-level security.

“We’re at the highest security level that you can purchase to protect yourself. And the gentleman that was doing this had some inside technology — he was pretty sharp,” Bingham said.

Investigators said that Bailey has a lengthy criminal record that includes arrests in multiple states for stealing from coin machines, the article concluded.

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