ODESSA, Texas — According to www.newswest9.com, police have arrested Fabian Chavez Polvon, 37, in connection to a double homicide that happened the night of Nov. 26th at Apex Car Wash.

Police were called to the carwash, located at 8th St. and Cumberland, where they found two people had been shot and killed — one man and one woman, the article continued.

The victims were Tiffany Nicole Polvon, 35, and Joseph Granado, 36, the article stated.

One witness said she knew Granado personally, the article added.

“He was a good person — I can’t believe it,” said the witness. “I was waiting for him today. I feel so bad because I was talking to him this morning. He sent me a picture. The last picture.”

After investigating, police arrested Polvon at his residence without incident and charged him with two counts of capital murder, the article concluded.

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