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Police-run wash employs ex-felons

CINCINNATI — The officers wanted to help the un-hirable with a second chance.


CINCINNATI — Howdy Car Wash is owned by two police officers whose employees have all done time in jail, according to Local12.com.

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Owners Charles Utley and Michael Donald started the wash three years ago with a mission to hire workers who often have trouble finding jobs after they serve their time because of crimes, noted the article.

Officer Utley said in the article, “As officers we hear it all the time. We hear the stories, how they can't get jobs, how they can't get a second chance to turn they lives around. So we thought this was a perfect fit."

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Howdy employees start making the minimum wage of $8.10 per hour, stated the article. Workers can increase their pay to $10 an hour if they stay out of trouble and stay reliable.

"That's all I really wanted; to show that I can be a good person and that you can trust me, and just because I made a mistake, you know, doesn't mean that I am a bad person," shared employee Desmond Vaughn in the article.

According to Utley and Donald, business is doing well.

"The guys are thorough," reported customer Dave Parker in the article. "They're friendly and it's an at-home type atmosphere down here. The guys are very nice."


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