VICKSBURG, Miss. — According to, with the warmer weather and blooming flowers has come an influx of pollen, marking an extremely busy time for carwashes.

Glenn Campbell, owner of Pemberton Express Car Wash in Vicksburg, Mississippi, said that the pollen has always caused a boost in business for him, the article continued.

“Even people with cars that sit in the garage still get pollen on them and come in,” Campbell said.

Campbell noted that pollen is only part of the reason for the spike in business at this time of year, adding that the change in weather leads many people to get their cars washed; he also said that this is his busiest season of the year, the article reported.

“People like to ride in a clean car when the weather’s nice,” Campbell said.

Pemberton Express Car Wash has been open for more than 15 years, but it has tried to stay up-to-date with equipment to keep up with customer trends, even going so far as to renovate six months ago to add better washing equipment and vacuums, the article noted.

“It had gotten antiquated, everyone had gone to the express with the free vacuums, so we had to either upgrade or get out of it,” Campbell said.

The equipment Campbell invested in, he claimed, is modern and cleans the cars with more contact and less friction to make for a better overall clean, the article noted.

“Once I decided to do it, I wanted to make sure we had the best equipment,” Campbell said.

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