GLOUCESTER, England — Land supporting a hand carwash may soon be sold after the town’s council has stepped in, according to the Gloucester Citizen.

James Timms Transport Ltd. owns the land and leases it to a group of immigrants from Albania and Romania, said the article.

Wash packages range from a £5 wash, to a £55 full valet. A team of four often washes 20 cars per day, noted the article.

The town council has ordered the workers to move off the land 28 days after the notice takes effect on Nov. 17, stated the article. The enforcement notice was against “a material change of use of the land to a carwash facility.”

The land owner is now considering selling it off since he has received multiple offers on the property, reported the article.

The workers said in the article they are always busy, and the council noted it has received concerns from residents over the wash, according to the article.

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