SOUTH HOLLAND, IL — The village board approved a significant tax break for a developer looking to bring a carwash and retail and restaurant properties to a property here, reported.

The Oct. 7 story stated that the trustees voted 5-0 to recommend a Class 8 property tax resolution that urged the Cook County Board to grant a property tax break of more than 50 percent for the site.

Board approves tax rebate for carwash

Under the construction plan, one-third of the property would be home to an Extreme Clean Express Car Wash. The rest would be used for retail shops and a restaurant.

Trustees also voted 5-0 for a tax increment finance inducement resolution that would make the developers eligible for some financial assistance from the village. One trustee emphasized that the developers had not been promised any specific help.

Old night club could become a full-service wash

Village Trustee Larry DeYoung said he supported the project because he liked the developers. “They’re young guys, just the kind of people we like to attract to our town," he said.

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