While at this year’s NRCC, be sure to stop by the various manufacturers’ booths to hear more about their latest products, such as those recently featured in past issues of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, including:


AGS Pro 100/Auto Glanz Solutions

AGS Pro 100 of Auto Glanz Solutions



Auto Glanz Solutions introduces the AGS Pro 100, a stand-alone industrial vacuum made from durable stainless steel for the express carwash market. The vacuum uses a 3.8-horsepower motor and draws 4.5 amps of electricity per unit. It features a heavy-duty, pillow-like filter system, which filters out dust and dirt that can be washed and cleaned, and a 25-gallon, roll-out dirt bin with a self-contained garbage bag. Secondary emptying containers are unnecessary, eliminating airborne dust.

Auto Glanz Solutions | Booth 825


Water Wizard FasTrak™ of Coleman Hanna

Water Wizard FasTrak™ of Coleman Hanna


Touch-free automatic

Decrease wash time while increasing profits with the Water Wizard FasTrak™. This touch-free automatic provides an open and inviting bay with easy entry for customers. The two wash arms allow for a faster wash time, cleaning more cars per hour and, in turn, increasing profits. The zero-degree nozzle technology delivers need impingement for a high-power cleaning. The simplistic design of the Water Wizard FasTrak™ has less moving parts and a lower cost of ownership.

Coleman Hanna | Booths 631 and 633


SiteWatch® CarPics of DRB Systems Inc.

SiteWatch® CarPics of DRB Systems Inc.


Photo vehicle manager

DRB Systems’ SiteWatch® CarPics vehicle manager recently passed 7.5 million photos. The system takes the pictures to help keep queues accurate, which enhances productivity and customer experiences. CarPics takes photos of vehicles at the SiteWatch Xpress Pay Terminal® (or at a standard screen terminal) and then displays those photos at the tunnel entrance. Employees refer to this entrance screen for accuracy. This check allows employees to promptly identify and correct queuing issues.

DRB Systems Inc. | Booths 131 and 133


YU3723 of General Pump Inc.

YU3723 of General Pump Inc.



General Pump introduces the YU3723, a high-flow unloader valve for vehicle wash applications. The YU3723 is specifically designed to handle higher flows of up to 37 gallons per minute and pressures up to 2,300 psi. The new valve is an especially great option for General Pump’s HTCK Series pumps.

General Pump Inc. | Booth 409


CleanTouch Echo of MacNeil Wash Systems

CleanTouch Echo of MacNeil Wash Systems


Chemical Dispensing system

In partnership with Hydra-Flex Inc., MacNeil Wash Systems introduces the CleanTouch Echo, a chemical dispensing system. The CleanTouch Echo delivers consistent and accurate mixed solution, improving chemical performance and vehicle coverage while using less water and chemistry and requiring less ongoing maintenance than traditional mixing, dosing and pumping equipment. A compact, single chemical control panel, powered by Hydra-Flex’s patented chemical dispensing technology, delivers the precise amount of chemistry to up to 15 applicators in the tunnel.

MacNeil Wash Systems/Ryko Solutions Inc. | Booths 211, 213, 215, 310, 312 and 314

Hydra-Flex Inc. | Booths 530 and 532

drying system

Drying system of Motor City Wash Works Inc.


Drying system

Produce “water droplet-free” vehicles time and time again with the new Dry N’ Shine™ system from Motor City Wash Works Inc. The Dry N’ Shine™ is a friction drying system utilized as the finishing step in producing dry and shiny vehicles, one after another. Eliminate labor, increase your ticket average and grow your customer base with the Dry N’ Shine™ from Motor City Wash Works Inc.

Motor City Wash Works Inc. | Booths 523, 525, 622 and 624



For a full list of exhibitors, as well as a schedule of events, floor map and an exclusive Q&A with David DuGoff, chair for this year’s show, check out PC&D’s Exhibit Product Guide for NRCC 2015 here.