MINNEAPOLIS — A list of the top 10 things people can do to protect the Mississippi River includes using a professional carwash, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The list in the Sept. 27 story stated, “Wash cars at carwashes, where runoff is collected and treated.”

The tips also included some suggestions that carwash owners can follow:

  • Use products that don’t contain triclosan, which is used in antibacterial soaps and other household products.
  • Use rain gardens, rain barrels and plantings to capture and filter runoff before it reaches the street.
  • Rake up leaves and grass and clean up lawn chemicals trash and winter salts.
  • Adopt storm drains and keep them free of leaves and trash.
  • Get active in your community and work with neighbors to keep streets and storm drains clean.
  • Participate in community cleanups.

Read the entire list here.