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Professional versus home carwashing

Make sure your customers are aware of the many advantages of professional carwashing.

Gone are the days when the process of washing one’s car was a lot simpler; just grab a pail of soapy water, a high-pressure water hose and a sponge, and let the hand do the cleaning.

Today, as people continue to strive for innovation and as modern, high-end cars demand perfection, a carwash is more than just a hobby or a simple business but rather a critical, detail-oriented procedure done only by professionals.

So when it comes to the question, “Is a professional or home carwash better?” the answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it? The professional carwash is definitely the better choice. But the real question is, “To what extent?” It is a matter of deciding what to lose in order to gain, as well as the long- and short-term effects to the car’s value. And, in most cases this will depend on how wise the consumer is. As owners and operators, you must make sure your customers are aware of the many advantages of opting for professional carwashing.


There’s no doubt that in terms of quality, professional carwashing wins. Going to a professional carwash gives a customer the assurance that his or her car is being touched by carwash experts who most likely are subscribed to high-end carwash magazines, have undergone a series of training in carwash and detailing and know their line of expertise by heart. They use only state-of-the-art materials such as hoses with a high-pressure nozzle, foam guns, microfiber cloths, car shampoos and conditioners, clay bars and polishers and waxes. They also give the best solutions to unavoidable problems, such as salt deposits during the winter.

Salt is a destructive substance to one’s car because it not only causes rust but also can cause huge damage to a car’s undercarriage. Bug remains, bird droppings and brake dust are also some of the most common problems that need delicate ways of cleaning.

Cleaning the car at home using home maintenance materials such as water hose, sponge and dishwashing detergent not only gives lacking results but can also drastically damage a car’s finish. Scratch marks may develop due to the use of low-quality sponges and brushes, instead of high-quality products. Additionally, too much exposure to sunlight may result in a car losing its original smoothness and may even burn spots in the paint.

Aside from the undeniably high-quality service is the convenience professional carwashes provide to their customers. Car maintenance can be time-consuming and is better left in the hands of the professionals, if car owners are willing to pay the price.


Most car owners treat their car as their “baby” — a fruit of their labor and a product of good investment. Therefore, the maintenance of its quality, no matter how pricey, should be given priority.

Some car owners, however, just can’t keep up with that commitment, so they figure out ways to save money. In terms of cost, typical car owners who want to save a few bucks would rather devote their own time, effort and materials in cleaning their cars than taking it to the professionals.

Apart from a few basic cleaning materials, do-it-yourself carwashing at home costs practically nothing. This is why it is important for owners and operators to know their demographic, especially the average income in the area, and consider adjusting their pricing accordingly. Another way to reach cost-conscious consumers is to offer discounts and promotions.

 Self-serve carwashes

As most carwash owners and operators know, self-serves are automated carwashes that are typically token- or coin-operated. Customers of self-serve carwashes can park their cars in a covered bay usually equipped with high-end cleaning materials.

By inserting coins or tokens into the controller, the customer can choose a desired cleaning procedure— for example, soaping, rinsing, waxing, or tire cleaning — and the equipment will automatically release water, foam, soap or wax. Many self-serves will also offer vacuum stations for customers who want to clean their cars’ interior.

When it comes to DIY consumers who would rather do it on their own, self-serves can offer the best of both words. Not only is this wash type generally less expensive for the car owners, but it is also typically more cost-effective to install/operate for carwash owners and operators.

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