Profile in Success: The Wash Factory - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Profile in Success: The Wash Factory

What is the full name and location of your business?

The Wash Factory Car Wash,  1135 South Loop 288 Denton, Texas. Another location at 1900 West University Drive, Denton, TX is opening in August.


What is your title?



When did the business open?

November 2010


What type of business is it?

Exterior Express


Does your wash have a website?

If yes, what is it?


Number of employees?



When and why did you get started in the carwashing industry?

In 2009. I worked in consulting for 10 years before entering the carwash business. I had a lot of time on an airplane thinking about what I wanted to do. I traveled to many cities watching different types of businesses operate. I sought out a few key people in the industry who could answer my tough questions. I also visited many carwashes across the country and the carwash business caught my eye. I have a technology background, and for many years I consulted on how to cut labor costs, so the exterior express business was a good fit for how I like to run a company.


What do you like most about running a carwash?

I really enjoy talking to people and the carwash business allows me to get to know my customer.


What advice do you have for other owners, just starting out?

Seek out the best competitors and watch what they do. The best carwashes have the best people.


What is the great obstacle you have encountered with the carwash?

Building a carwash from the ground up and working with local city officials. It took me on average two years from start to finish on each project.


How did you overcome that obstacle?

Relationship building and patience. You can’t get frustrated and give up!


Do you have a lot of competition?

I have two full service competitors and many self-service washes.


If yes, what do you do to stand apart from the competition?

I have a different price point and my speed of service.


Do you enjoy the business? If yes, why?

I enjoy the carwash business because I can get an instant pulse on how I am doing as a business owner, by walking outside and talking to my customers. I have always had a passion for service and love cars, so I really don’t look at like any other job I had.


Do you have any funny stories to share that took place at the business?

It was my first day that I was open. I was giving away free washes as part of the grand opening. An older gentleman arrived with a life full of possessions in the back of his truck. I told him I could not wash him because the truck bed was full, and told him I was only giving away free washes for a week and didn’t know if a week was enough time for him to clean out his truck bed. He laughed and was back in a few hours to get his free wash, and said he wasn’t going to miss this free opportunity. He was accustomed to the full-service wash model, so after we loaded him as he was entering the wash he proceeded to jump out of the truck. My employee will never forget her first day on the job chasing a truck down the tunnel.


What are your goals with the carwash?

To be the best there ever was in this game.

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