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Profit from fragrances

Looking for more revenue? A air freshener display won’t take up much room so you might want to consider selling them at your shop to bring in more profits and to keep your customers happy long after their car is detailed.


There are many different types of car fragrances available, according to Becky Kube, owner of Q.B. Enterprises Inc. Car fragrances can be bought in spray pump bottles, or they can be purchased as cardboard hang-ups that feature different shapes, colors and designs.

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The customer that purchases a 2-ounce spray pump bottle is mainly interested in the scent. He or she can spray it under a car's seats or in problem areas where an odor may need masking. But, in the end, this impulse fragrance product is purchased only because the customer wants the fragrance.

A customer that buys a cardboard hang-up may do so because he or she likes the image or shape of the air freshener. "For example, the Virgin of Guadalupe, the person that would buy that would be buying it not as much for the piña colada fragrance, but for the fact that it is the Virgin of Guadalupe," Kube noted.


Other popular hang-ups might have the logo of a sports team, a football program or a basketball program. It may even be the shape of a basketball or a football. Here, the shape attracts the customers to the impulse product. "They have an affiliation with … the symbol that's being displayed on it," Kube said. "So that's a huge, huge part of impulse sales."

Owners and operators should have no problem finding a supplier for air fresheners. Due to the impressive sales of fragrance items, there are a number of carwash suppliers that provide them to operators. "Almost everybody that has a chemical company is making a fragrance of some sort because they're so popular," Kube stated.

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