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Properly preparing vehicles for winter weather

EAGAN, MN — As the UV coating on plastic headlights degrades, it often lowers nighttime visibility.

EAGAN, MN — The Family Handyman shared their five top tips for preparing a vehicle for winter driving.

The Dec. 7 blog included these five tips:

  • Check (and change) coolant;
  • Service the battery and charging system;
  • A tune up;
  • Replace wiper blades; and
  • Check your headlights.

Employee gets surprise during vehicle detail

While worn-out coolant can freeze and destroy an engine, a battery that is older than four years old is “living on borrowed time,” according to the blog. A tune up may be the difference between a rapid start and an engine that won’t start.

Windshield wipers can keep windows clean even in heavy snow, and as the UV coating on plastic headlights degrades, it often causes nighttime visibility to be reduced. The story recommended headlight restoration.

Read the entire article here.

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