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Q&A with NRCC 2016 Chairman Ron Bousquet

In this exclusive Q&A, Bousquet shares insight into the NRCC’s goals for this year’s show and how the bar will be set higher for future events.


As the industry prepares to gather for NRCC 2016 (Northeast Regional Carwash Convention), which is taking place September 19-21 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, we caught up with Ron Bousquet of Randy’s Car Washes, who is the appointed chairman for this year’s show, to find out the goals and expectations for NRCC 2016.

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Last year, at the 26th NRCC show, the move to the Atlantic City Convention Center (ACCC) successfully attracted 301 exhibits, which was up by 31 exhibitors from the previous year.

Operating under the theme of “Driving A Brighter Future,” the educational seminars that are scheduled for this year’s NRCC show are diverse and there is something for everyone and every interest, from preparing your business for the busy season to understanding and taking advantage of social media opportunities.

In 2016, organizers are celebrating the 27th annual NRCC show. The event began in Newport, Rhode Island, and gradually grew to become one of the largest regional shows in the country.


Five regional carwash associations — the New England Carwash Association (NECA), the New York State Car Wash Association (NYSCWA), the Connecticut Carwash Association (CCA), the Car Wash Operators of New Jersey (CWONJ) and the Mid-Atlantic Carwash Association (MCA) — collaborate and come together each year to make this a special, unique event.


Professional Carwashing & Detailing: What are the primary goals and objectives of the NRCC 2016 event?

Ron Bousquet: The two biggest benefits of attending the show are education and networking. For this year’s NRCC show, we are trying to elevate the educational seminars. That is actually one of our goals every year: to continuously improve our event’s level of educational offerings.


This year’s Keynote Address will be delivered by JoAnna Brandi of JoAnna Brandi & Company, who is a leading consultant, public speaker and author. Attendees will learn how to become profitable and be a positive energizer from Brandi’s presentation.

Also, some of the other scheduled speakers are actually trained presenters and well recognized in the professional carwashing industry.

So, one of our primary goals is to enhance the education aspect of our show and bring more value to those who attend the event.


PC&D: What do you look forward to every year when attending the NRCC show?

RB: I look forward to seeing the people I do not get to regularly see and bringing others together. I have many friends in the industry throughout the country, and especially in the Northeast, and unfortunately it is only one or two times a year that I can see them.


These networking opportunities and the good education programs that are geared toward improving our company are what I most look forward to each year.


PC&D: How will this year’s NRCC show compare to previous shows?

RB: We are always trying to improve. We aim to elevate our education sessions and we also look to make the process to register easier. We want to help attendees schedule their time at the show better so we offer app-based solutions to meet this end goal.

Each year the associations that are involved with the NRCC show are always trying to tweak some challenges and issues of the previous year to make this a better event each year. We even look at the things that were successful from the previous year and build on those wins.



PC&D: Why is this region different from others in the country and why has there been increased interest in this show in particular?

RB: No other trade show in the industry has the level of collaboration that we do for NRCC. I think there is a little competitiveness between the five associations that are involved to see how we can set that bar a little higher so that the next year’s planning association has to go up another rung. I think that is the way that it has been for the past 26 years. We work together to make the show better and better every year.


This show is definitely growing. We had to go to a bigger venue last year and we have even more booths this year; in the coming weeks, we expect to max out this year.

For NRCC 2016, we are planning to hold the Welcome Reception at the Water Club Pool at the Borgata. It is a really nice venue and provides a relaxing setting to end a busy and productive day.


PC&D: How can attendees maximize their time at NRCC 2016?

RB: I think the biggest thing is to go to the education seminars and experience the benefits that those sessions offer. Then, walk the entire show floor and connect with as many vendors as possible. I know people tend to go to certain areas and only see the people they want to see. But, to get the true experience, I think you have to walk every aisle and see what’s out there.


Lastly, I would like to thank all of the vendors that support the NRCC throughout the years. Without them and their support we could not deliver such a great show.


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