NEW YORK — QuikTrip was one of only a few retail companies to make Fortune and Great Place to Work’s list, “100 Best Workplaces for Millennials,” according to NACS.

This list is the first ranking of the best places to work for 54 million millennial employees, the article stated, who make up the largest generation in the nation’s workforce.

QuikTrip ranked 69 on the list, which is comprised of 100 U.S. employers “that scored the highest among workers under the age of 35,” the article reported.

Fortune found that one of QuikTrip’s best attributes is the convenience store’s low employee turnover rate, continued the article, in which only 13 percent of its workers leave compared to an industry average of 59 percent.

“Employees credit the company’s above-industry average pay and what they say is an overall friendly and supportive atmosphere,” noted the article. “Examples of employee benefits include awards for one, five, 10, 15, 20 and more years of service with the company, which can include cash gifts. Store attendants can also get $50 bonuses if they receive a perfect score on a mystery shopper review.”

The survey respondents, who are all part of the millennial generation, expressed that they desire “open communication, risk taking, collaboration, support among employees and fewer internal politics,” informed the article.