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Quoting a job accurately and providing great service

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — An important part of turning a profit and keeping your customers happy is providing them with an accurate quote about detailing packages, according to a Detailed Image blog.


ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. — Providing an accurate quote about detailing costs is like “preparing for the worst so that you can provide the best,” according to a Detailed Image blog.

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When scheduling a quote, the blogger wrote, he's able to make things more accurate by ”having set services and then quoting based on a client’s budget or the amount of work they would like to get done.” If the client is looking for advice on services, then an assessment is done in person to better understand the job. It is important, notes the blog, to explain to a customer on a $300 budget who wants $400 worth of work, what you can, and cannot provide them.


Keeping track of inventory, such as tools and supplies, is very important, notes the blog. Coming up with an effective inventory system can be challenging, but it is necessary in avoiding certain difficult problems, as the blog gives an example of. “I never want to run into a situation where only that one pad and polish combo is working well, but we just used up a lot of those pads yesterday and are simply out of luck. It’s happened before and won’t happen again.”

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Customer service is another important part of the equation. Some clients are difficult to deal with, and being honest and professional is the best way to handle them, according to the blog. “Being professional in terms of speaking about the work needed, scheduling, payment, etc. is very important because the more professional your manner, the more a client is to step up their game. This means having a fair but strict policy on everything that takes up your time.” Having a non-refundable retainer is a way to avoid cancellations, and the blogger notes, only one in 50 clients cancel on him with this system in place.


Other important tips include being on time, only rescheduling when it is an absolute necessity and responding to communications quickly.

The full blog goes more in-depth on how detailers can provide great service and avoid misquoting a job.

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