HOUSTON — According to KHOU.com, carwash owner Michael Maxwell was offering more to his customers than a quick wash or a hand wax here. Police found evidence that Maxwell was also selling drugs and alcohol to customers.

The Sept. 20 story stated that hundreds of pills and multiple bags of marijuana were found in Maxwell’s possession when police raided his North Houston wash for the second time in two years. He denied he was doing anything illegal and claimed that he was on a heavy dose of medication because he had stomach cancer. The liquor, he claimed, belonged to his friends. Despite these claims, Maxwell was still arrested by police.

Maxwell was arrested a first time last year when police got wind that he was selling prescription drugs. Upon raiding the wash, police found over 1,000 prescription pills, marijuana, alcohol and raccoon meat that he was selling to customers.

Maxwell stated that he believes the police are just “picking on him,” and denies ever selling drugs, alcohol or raccoon meat.

Maxwell said these run-ins with the law are not good for his illness. “If they want to take care of me in care, I guess they’ll have to because I am very expensive to take care of,” Maxwell told reporters.

It is unknown what charges, if any, have been filed.