FORTH WORTH, Texas — General Wireless Inc. will take over 1,743 RadioShack stores following an auction, according to

The deal was approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court on March 31, noted the article. The move will allow stores to divest of unprofitable business lines, becoming a sort of an “electronics convenience store.”

RadioShack will focus on products like “Bluetooth headsets, chargers and other accessories that shoppers may need immediately rather than waiting a day or two for delivery from an e-commerce website,” stated the article.

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Stores will no longer carry tablets, laptops or digital cameras, reported the article. The company will focus on smaller cities where a need still exists for neighborhood electronics stores.

General Wireless is an affiliate of Standard General, shared the article. It is looking for partners to sell consumer electronics, home security systems, solar panels, wireless chargers, etc.

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