SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Residents in the capitol city face strict water restrictions as the island’s main water reservoirs drop, according to

More than 160,000 people can take showers only every other day, noted the article. Officials say service could be cut for up to 36 hours if water levels continue to fall. More citizens could also be included in the rationing.

Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla has declared a state of emergency in the country, reported the article. So far Puerto Rico has received a tenth of an inch of rain in the month that is usually one of its wettest of the year.

Autocare Vice President Omar Carrion is concerned for his business, which recycles all of the water it uses, stated the article. "People might not know we do this," he said in the article. "They might think, 'Well, if we go to the carwash, we'll be wasting water.’”

Nearby Dominican Republic neighborhoods have also been affected by the dry spell, shared the article. Fires have destroyed about 3,113 of forest there.

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