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Rat poison illegally dumped at carwash

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A pest control worker washed rat poison out of the back of a company truck.


KANSAS CITY, Kan. — According to www.fox4kc.com, a local pest control company is under investigation concerning how one of its employees disposed of toxic chemicals.

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Brian Underwood, owner of the carwash at 7512 Leavenworth Rd., said that he found turquoise pellets in one of the wash bays as he was sweeping it out, the article continued.

“It wasn’t until I got deeper into the bay that I discovered that there was a full, unopened package of industrial-grade rat poison,” said Underwood. “And when I opened the package up, I discovered the contents of the package were the same as what was peppered throughout the bay.”

The rat poison was Contrac Rodenticide, and when Underwood looked at his surveillance, he found an employee of Pied Piper Termite and Pest Control washing out the bed of a company truck, the article noted.


According to the manufacturer, the article stated, rat poison must be disposed of in the proper waste receptacles, and it can also contaminate natural water sources.

Of the rat poison capsules, Underwood described, “It covered half the bay to include the drain. Each bay has its own individual pit, and that pit drains into the city sewer system.”

Jeff Jones, owner of Pied Piper Termite and Pest Control, provided FOX 4 with a notice from a Kansas Department of Agriculture inspector, which said:

“The firm improperly disposed of Contrac Rodenticide… by washing the bait out of the back of a service vehicle,” and “Left a Contrac Rodenticide Place Pac on the floor of the carwash.”


The notice signified that the action violated Kansas law, the article stated, but it is still an open case being investigated.

Jones noted that the worker who washed the rat poison into the bay is no longer employed at his company, the article concluded.

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