GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Although people still use coupons clipped from newspapers and other paper sources, digital coupons are making couponing easier for consumers to save money, according to

Statista, an online statistics portal, reported that in 2014 more than10 million consumer packaged goods (CPG) coupons were distributed, the article stated.

Almost half the coupons in 2014 were redeemed in the grocery market even though convenience stores outnumber grocery locations three to one in the U.S., added the article, and less than 10 percent of total coupon redemptions occurred in c-stores, the article added.

The pressure to find more sustainable marketing channels to reach consumers is on the rise as more companies are going green, reported the article, and mobile technologies are making “this goal a reality, allowing CPGs to partner with publishers and brands to not only provide access to their preferred audience but also an opportunity to convert new customers.”

A recent survey by GasBuddy found that 81 percent of their members would be swayed to try a product if a digital coupon was offered within their app, the article continued, and 76 percent said digital coupons would affect their decision on where they filled their tanks with gas, “thus increasing revenue and loyalty for the participating [c-stores] while also boosting sales for CPGs.”

“What’s more, mobile coupons can be targeted to a specific audience, often delivering redemption rates that are 10 times higher than that of paper programs,” the article noted. “Correspondingly, they often deliver greater cost-efficiency. Thus, mobile coupons have become a critical component of a brand’s marketing strategy.”

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