Read this month's cover story: Get wise about water - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Read this month’s cover story: Get wise about water

Five articles in total are included and cover everything you need to know about quality, reclaim and chemical compatibility.

This special coverage on water has been designed to help and guide you on what it is you need to know to better your water system or install reclaim equipment. Water is necessary for your operation, but it has to be good quality water in order to do the job correctly. The following pages contain five different articles which address all of the important issues having to do with water. Each article was written by an expert in the water reclaim, water treatment and chemical industry.

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Fundamentals of water management

Carwash owners and operators need to view this valuable resource as an important business commodity and an opportunity for cost savings.

Water going down sewer, city water, water runoff, gutter, sewer
Proper pipe maintenance for effective wastewater disposal

Take care of pipes to deliver water from the ground to cars.

Water valve, pipe,
The nitty-gritty of water reclaim

How saving water can contribute to a better wash.

Tunnel, carwash, suds, soap, chemical, tunnel carwash, exterior carwash, chemical, reverse osmosis, RO, reclaim, water
Water needs 101

With many washes being charged for water twice, once for water use, and once for sewer discharge, it’s vital that owners save this precious resource in every reasonable way possible that doesn’t take away from the quality of the carwash.

A closer look