FARGO, N.D. — The carwash at Simonson Station Store in Fargo recently experienced a significant influx in car counts when unseasonably high temperatures swept through the region earlier this month, according to INFORUM.

The warm weather triggered many car owners to head to area carwashes in order to wash away the salt and grime of winter, stated the article.

“It’s unbelievable. Obviously on days like this, you’re going to have a line to the road,” said Carson Williams, assistant store manager at the carwash, in the article. “I’ll tell you what, when I first started here, it was not nearly this busy.”

For many carwashes, especially those located in Northern regions, the winter season is the busiest time of the year. Combined with mild temperatures, and carwashes — like the wash at Simonson Station Store in Fargo — could experience a substantial boom in business.

The rise in car counts for the Fargo wash was sparked by highs above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which the article reported was the first time in 2016.

Jeff Makowski, meteorologist FOR National Weather Service, said that the warmth is caused by a lack of snow cover around the state, continued the article, which makes it easier for sunlight to heat the atmosphere.

According to the article, average highs for Fargo-Moorhead are typically in the low 30s this time of year.

Williams explained in the article that people would still be frequenting the carwash even if the temperatures weren’t so high — just not in such multitudes.

“Our carwash is essentially always open,” stated Williams in the article. “Whether it’s winter, we’re open. It [would] blow your mind how many people still get [their cars] washed.”

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