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Repairing and preventing sun damage

LA MESA, CA — A car left out in the sun for a few years can look old and faded far too soon.


LA MESA, CA — For cars not kept in garages or carports, the sun can cause a massive amount of damage, according to a guest blog on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

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The Feb. 5 blog, written by Joe Seals, owner of So Cal Mobile Auto Detail & Wash, stated that a car left out in the sun for a few years can look old and faded far too soon.

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If no steps are taken to protect the vehicle, paint will peel away and disintegrate over time. Significant time in the sun can also cause paint cracking, rust and cracks coming from weaker points of the car’s exterior.

Another problem can be faded spots on roofs or hoods caused by sunlight. Sometimes faded spots can be repaired, but often the only repair is a new coat of paint.


Invisible film protection

Ways to protect cars from sun damage include the use of a high-quality wax or cloth cover. Many waxes have UV stabilizers included now to reduce damage.

Cars kept in a sunny area should also be washed regularly to prevent interaction between the sun and dirt buildup on the vehicle’s surface.

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