SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — Findings from SpotOn, a leading digital loyalty and marketing platform, show “merchants who maintain frequent communication with loyalty program members see three times more customer visits,” than those who send none, according to a press release.

The numbers are based off of user data since Feb. 2014, according to the press release. The release states that: “Small businesses that send loyalty members two to three communications per week see three times more customer visits than businesses that do not send any communications. Merchant sales reportedly increase anywhere from 15% to 50% as a result of Campaigns.”

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SpotOn is used by more than 2.5 million consumers, states the release, and an estimated 6,000 businesses. The program allows businesses to “send real-time digital offers to invite customers back,” the release continued.

The findings show that not only is it important to have a loyalty program, but that frequent communications are necessary to optimize its value.  

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