Residents concerned about horse at carwash
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Residents concerned about horse at carwash

BELCHERTOWN, Ma. — According to, a photo captured of a horse at a carwash generated concern over what it was doing there.

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Many viewers felt the horse was at risk, fearing that the power wash had been used on it, but a person involved in the matter said that was not the case.

“There was no power wash used on the horse,” Belchertown resident Maureen Kontrovitz said.

Kotrovitz owns two of the five horses that were around Swift River Valley Auto Wash on April 15th; however, she does not own the horse in question and said that horse resides in Connecticut.

Kotorovitz was at the carwash when the photo of the horse there was taken and said that the riders made the stop at the carwash because they were worried when they spotted blood on one of the horse’s legs.


“They stopped to get a trickle of water from the hose, which is what comes out of the hose when you are not actually using it to power wash,” Kontrovitz said.

However, the horse did not appear to be injured.

“There wasn’t anything. They just assumed a scab that got brushed on in the trail. All they were doing is using a trickle of water to wash the blood off so they could see where it was coming from,” Kontrovitz said.

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