BOURNEMOUTH, England — Despite the local council’s attempts to take action, an illegal hand carwash has been in operation, and residents are trying to shut it down, according to the Daily Echo.

Residents have complained about noise, pollution and traffic issues caused by the wash, noted the article. However, the wash’s owners say the business is popular and that residents supported a planning application in 2014 with more than 200 signatures.

The application was withdrawn, but a new document will soon be considered by the council, stated the article. Several letters of objection have been submitted in response to the application.

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“We fully support local business, but those businesses must respect nearby residents and try to make a positive contribution to the area,” said councilor Beverley Dunlop in the article. “This business has operated illegally for some time, ignored council enforcement notices and given scant regard to the well-being of local residents.”

James Cain of JN Planning Consultants represents the wash. “This is a well-used carwash providing economic benefits to the town, and the owner has already reacted to residents’ concerns by ensuring noise levels are acceptable,” he explained in the article. “If the application is successful the owner will be committed to upgrading the site as per the plans.”

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