LYNCHBURG, Va. — Detailer John Meade began his business after his 26-year retail career ended when his employer went out of business, according to

Meade launched Hill City Auto Detail in 2009 after training in San Diego, California. His business specializes in paint surface restoration and extreme interior cleaning, he said in the article.

The secret to his success is his compulsive mindset toward his work. “Each vehicle I return to a customer has my signature on it,” Meade said in the article. “Each one is an advertisement to other potential customers. There's no way I'll knowingly let a subpar job out the door.”

He has learned that customers want quality, and that value often wins over the cheapest price.

Meade hopes to expand in the future. He said in the article that his ability to accommodate his growing customer base is becoming more difficult.

As for his favorite part of his job, Meade said in the article that what excites him most is “all of those dream cars of mine that we get to revitalize and make like new again.”

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