Revamped gas station and convenience store celebrates reopening
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Revamped gas station and convenience store celebrates reopening

MORRIS, Manitoba — The carwash at Sun Valley Co-op Ltd.’s Morris location will also be updated to feature a brighter facility and new equipment.


MORRIS, Manitoba — Sun Valley Co-op Ltd. has completed its $4 million upgrade to its gas station and convenience store in Morris, according to Pembina Valley Online.

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The renovated facility recently celebrated its public opening, stated the article, and Brad Iverson, general manager for Sun Valley Co-op, said the site is “still getting some equipment up and running.”

Iverson reported that the new site has been completely upgraded, added the article, including new pumps.

“The new pumps have chip and PIN technology, and we’ve also added more pumps,” stated Iverson in the article. “We have the ability to fill 12 cars at one time compared to the old site where we were only able to fill four cars at one time.”

The new pumps also accept debit and credit cards that can be activated with tap technology, reported the article.

The layout of the site has also been changed, informed the article, and the carwash area was reduced from five bays to one in order to make room for additional pumps and the new c-store.


“Inside the c-store we’ve added all new equipment,” said Iverson in the article. “So [an] expanded coffee bar, expanded [slushy] machines, expanded [bath] rooms and [an expanded] product offering. … You will definitely see a change from the last c-store.”

Iverson continued that the site’s new carwash will be brighter and will also include new equipment, noted the article.

You can find the article here.

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