OKLAHOMA CITY — According to www.okcfox.com, three people robbed and assaulted a person at an Oklahoma City carwash.

On July 25th, a vehicle with two men and a woman pulled up in a gray Nissan Maxima beside the victim as he was vacuuming his car, the article continued.

One of the suspects exited the Nissan, stole the victim’s wallet and ran away, the article noted.

The victim then chased after the criminal and saw the other two suspects drive up and pick up the man who had stolen the wallet, the article added.

Seeing that the sunroof was open, the victim jumped onto the vehicle and climbed inside, where he fought with the suspects until he was assaulted, pulled from the car and dumped at an intersection, the article stated.

Police found the victim bleeding from his mouth with scratches on his neck, the article continued.

Police were able to identify the female suspect and have issued a warrant for her arrest, the article concluded.

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