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Rustproofing still recommended for newer vehicles

TORONTO — Salt-covered winter roads and the salty sea air of coastal areas can cause rust to form.

TORONTO — Though today’s vehicles are less prone to rust than previous models, rustproofing is still the best way to protect a car or truck from rust, reported.

The Oct. 5 story stated that rapid temperature changes — driving into a warm garage during cold weather — can cause condensation to form on the inner panels. This moisture can lead to rust since the enclosed panels cannot drain. Also, salt-covered winter roads and the salty sea air of coastal areas can also cause rust to form.

Rust protection sales rise 30 percent

According to the article, rustproofing a vehicle should be done right after purchase for the best anti-rust guarantee. Treatments can be applied at any time of year.

Early on, rustproofing treatments were applied using a spray oil or a thicker tar-like coating. The oil coatings would come off with moisture, and they were messy and unfriendly to the environment. The tar treatments frequently dried out and allowed water to get into gaps.

Help your customers fight rust and corrosion

Today, durable spray treatments are used that reach inside a car’s nooks and crannies. Professional rustproofers use tools to get into all the inner body parts of a vehicle.

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