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San Antonio carwash becomes political barometer

SAN ANTONIO — According to, with the election just over a week away, 24/7 Car Wash decided to see which way the political winds are blowing in its area.

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“It just happened that we had three bays,” said manager Anthony Ramirez.

The carwash put up a sign above each bay: Biden on the left bay, Trump on the right bay and undecided on the middle bay.

“It was curiosity, curiosity on our part,” Ramirez said. “We wanted to see if people would take an interest in it, and they have. We’ve had a lot of thumbs up. We’ve had people questioning why we did it.”

Ramirez added that this would be an important election, the article noted.

However, Ramirez wasn’t making any calls on the results yet or indicating who’s had the most carwash votes so far, the article added.

“At the very end on Nov. 3rd, we’ll tally it up and see if our winner is the same winner that everyone chooses,” he said.

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