DOHA, Qatar — Vehicle owners in the country want more places to get their cars cleaned, according to

Carwash stations are plagued with long lines, noted the article. A strong sandstorm on April 1 worsened the problem.

Carwashes using water and waterless methods were busy following the storm, stated the article. A petrol station employee said in the article that if drivers don’t visit between 5:30 and 6 a.m., they will likely wait hours for a wash.

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“Otherwise, it will take an average of two hours of waiting time if a customer arrives while four to five cars are already queued up at the station,” said employee Leonel in the article. “Later in the day, the queues get longer as many motorists continue to arrive.”

Automatic carwashes have been more efficient, however, shares Leonel in the article. “Many motorists also try to save time by getting an automatic carwash. It saves the customer at least 25 to 30 minutes. He or she only has to wait for drying and the cleaning of the car’s interior.”

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